Truly Sugar-free Desserts

I created this 'FREEBIE' and these three delicious desserts because I was frustrated by the shortage of tasty, truly sugar-free dessert recipes out there.

These desserts are all naturally sweet, they don't contain syrups, sugars or sweeteners of any kind. I used only whole, unprocessed fruit to make them delicious and nutritious. They also contain no flour or processed carbohydrates of any kind. ENJOY

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Truly Sugar-free Dessert Recipes


Carol Lee

I am a Creative Kinesiologist and Nutritional Therapist, I work locally and internationally. Food and nutrition has been both my passion and 'medicine' for probably three decades. I have several 'foodie' passions. I love empowering people around the healing power of food and nutrition, as a recovering sugar and processed carb-aholic, I love to support people to overcome their attachment to sugar through solid nutritional and nourishing principles. I also love weaving my nutrition knowledge in with the potency of the natural cycles including the seasons and moon phases. This is based on my love of the Chinese Five Elements. I first fell in love with this beautiful philosophy in my 20s when I was studying Acupuncture. You can find out more about me and my work by clicking the Carol Lee Natural Health tab right at the top of this page.