Hello and welcome to this action pack I have put together for you! Hopefully you will have all the information you will need to kick start your 2020 sugar-free journey. In the pack I have included the following...

  • Lots of recipes (aaabout 60), mostly plant based, (who doesn't need more veggies and this is where I have discovered most people struggle the most!). These recipes will get you into the swing of eating more veggies and nourishing yourself to sugar-freedom! Usually sold for £20
  • Starting your Sugar-free Journey mini course which includes a 11 page downloadable PDF you get lots of tips and inspiration to get you started on your sugar-free journey. Included is:
    • Tops tips to make it a little easier
    • Food to add-in for extra nourishment
    • A fridge poster to inspire you to keep going
    • Meal swap ideas
    • Snack ideas
    • Positive affirmations for a great mindset
    • Tips on what to do when you 'fall off the wagon'
  • The original Reset course, usually sold for £17 which includes..
    • 5 videos, 90 minutes in total
    • Getting to know what's happening in your body


Starting your Sugar-free Journey

Getting Started

Energy Reset Week

Introduction to the week

Day 1 - Getting back in the Flow


Day 2 - Add-in Good Fuel


Day 3 - Getting through the Early Days


Day 4 - Making your Sugar-free Journey Easier


Day 5 - Remembering that Food can be an Adventure


Delicious and Nutritious Sugar-free Recipes


Carol Lee

I am a Creative Kinesiologist and Nutritional Therapist, I work locally and internationally. Food and nutrition has been both my passion and 'medicine' for probably three decades. I have several 'foodie' passions. I love empowering people around the healing power of food and nutrition, as a recovering sugar and processed carb-aholic, I love to support people to overcome their attachment to sugar through solid nutritional and nourishing principles. I also love weaving my nutrition knowledge in with the potency of the natural cycles including the seasons and moon phases. This is based on my love of the Chinese Five Elements. I first fell in love with this beautiful philosophy in my 20s when I was studying Acupuncture. You can find out more about me and my work by clicking the Carol Lee Natural Health tab right at the top of this page.