Eating & Cleansing with the Moon


This 'complete at your own pace' course will take you through each of the different moon phases and will explain how each one can be embraced, and worked with, to make the most of their gentle power. The course also includes bonus material that looks at; the different cleansing energies of each of the five seasons (includes Late Summer/harvest from Traditional Chinese medicine), simple tools and naturopathic techniques to support you through the month, and some cleansing, nourishing, delicious recipes to get you started.

Please note this course does not replace medical advice or opinion so please check with your health care practitioner before you make any changes to your diet.

What people have said about the course...

"The Spring Moon Cleanse really set me up to be fully primed and present to new learning and revelations. THANK YOU so much for all the sharing from your deep well of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I look forward to my continuing journey along this path of natural nutrition - it is offering me so much hope and inspiration for the practical ways to bring more life, vitality and magic into every day" LW

"Lots of knowledge that I shall be using again during each moon phase. I've managed to stop snacking in the evenings, which has been a tricky thing for me, since I started being sugar-free last September. Overall, the changes for me this month have been more in my head than within my body; it's been good to understand the reasoning behind eating in accordance with the moon's cycle" SRM

"Always catching up....! But I did it and found all of your comments supportive. I have literally come out of it calmer, more a newly made bed with crisp fresh sheets ready to receive. Thank you carol, and everyone else in the group. It was challenging, my emotions were up and down. But I think I will do it again in the future" CL


Introduction to Eating and Cleansing with the Moon

Pause & Add-in - New Moon to Waxing Moon

Heal & Re-nourish - Waxing Moon to Full Moon

Recipes to Nourish with the Moon



Carol Lee

I am a Creative Kinesiologist and Nutritional Therapist, I work locally and internationally. Food and nutrition has been both my passion and 'medicine' for probably three decades. I have several 'foodie' passions. I love empowering people around the healing power of food and nutrition, as a recovering sugar and processed carb-aholic, I love to support people to overcome their attachment to sugar through solid nutritional and nourishing principles. I also love weaving my nutrition knowledge in with the potency of the natural cycles including the seasons and moon phases. This is based on my love of the Chinese Five Elements. I first fell in love with this beautiful philosophy in my 20s when I was studying Acupuncture. You can find out more about me and my work by clicking the Carol Lee Natural Health tab right at the top of this page.